Valdora Earthmoving & Demolition

FAQ's (Demolition)

How long does it take to demolish a house?

Generally around two to three days are sufficient to demolish a house and remove the materials.

Are your quotes free?

Yes, our quotes for any of our services are free and there are no obligations.

How large or small jobs do you handle?

We have the range of equipment and expertise to manage huge commercial and industrial jobs on the Sunshine Coast and throughout South East Queensland, we manage home demolitions on a daily basis and can also supply smaller machinery to make small scale demolition jobs affordable. We’re always happy to give you advice and quote on any sized project.

Is council approval required to demolish a property?

Yes, before a property can be demolished, a Council demolition approval is required. Sunshine Coast Council (or other councils) demolition approvals generally take 7 - 14 business days. Valdora Earthmoving & Demolition can arrange all required permits as part of our service.

What other permits are required to demolish a property?

In addition to the council demolition approval, other approvals may be required for items such as trees on the property, footpaths which extend beyond the boundary of the property etc. These permits can be managed by Valdora Earthmoving & Demolition.

Are you insured in the event of an incident?

Yes. Firstly, let us point out that incidents during demolition are extremely rare due to the care taken in our process, but you can rest assured that our insurance covers damage to property and public liability. Please ask us about any further details and we’ll be happy to explain our full range of significant insurance coverage.

Do you manage disconnecting utilities (water, sewerage, power, gas etc)?

Yes, Valdora Earthmoving & Demolition can manage disconnecting various services for you. As an example, we remove electrical meters, disconnect the physical electricity and gas line, manage the capping of your water and sewerage etc, so that demolition can begin safely.

Do you manage asbestos removal?

Yes, Valdora Earthmoving & Demolition manage all asbestos removal and asbestos disposal, safely and with complete licenced certification.

Can you identify asbestos before the demolition?

Yes, we will carefully review the property prior to demolition and identify any exposed asbestos, so that we can carefully manage the removal and include this service within your quote. In the event that any hidden asbestos is discovered during the demolition process, our asbestos experts will communicate with you and manage the safe removal of any asbestos.

Where do the demolished materials go?

Where possible, materials are disposed of at a waste management depot to recycle material. Any other materials are responsibly disposed and full details can be disclosed as part of your quote if you would like more details. Asbestos is carefully wrapped and transported to meet safety certification requirements, then disposed at a licenced asbestos disposal centre.

Do you recycle demolished materials?

The majority of materials from a typical demolition are usually suitable to be taken to a recycling plant. This includes material such as timber, bricks, metal, concrete and green waste. Valdora Earthmoving & Demolition are committed to recycling and being as environmentally responsible as possible.

Can neighbour complaints cause delays?

It is possible that a complaint from a neighbour (or member of the public) could delay the approval process. It is always helpful to ensure that the people in surrounding properties understand you’re managing your demolition in a professional and legally compliant manner.

Any other questions?

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask us. Our Sunshine Coast based demolition team are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.