Valdora Earthmoving & Demolition

Asbestos Removal

Valdora Earthmoving & Demolition are experts in asbestos removal and disposal on the Sunshine Coast. During the process of demolition (or renovation), the safe removal and management of potentially harmful asbestos is critical.

Our licenced and insured asbestos management team can identify / confirm the presence of asbestos, then advise the appropriate processes and arrange for the safe removal of asbestos from your property.

Valdora Earthmoving & Demolition manage the removal of all types of asbestos. From internal asbestos, to external fibro sheeting, corrugated asbestos fencing or asbestos roofing, the Sunshine Coast based asbestos experts at Valdora Earthmoving & Demolition will ensure that your asbestos is removed in compliance with workplace health & safety legislations.

Having the one team manage both your demolition and the removal of asbestos from your Sunshine Coast property allows for the process to continue uninterrupted. In the event that further unexpected asbestos is discovered, the same team can continue with the removal safely rather than delay the project while the asbestos is managed. We are equipped to work on asbestos projects of all sizes, from residential homes to major commercial demolition and asbestos removal projects.

All asbestos is safely removed, carefully transported and appropriately disposed, giving you legal and insurance cover, plus the peace of mind that all measures have been taken to protect the public.

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If you are considering demolition, speak to the Sunshine Coast experts at Valdora Earthmoving & Demolition about identifying the presence of asbestos and quoting you on the asbestos removal and demolition as one seamless process. Call 5446 7050 or fill in the enquiry form below. We're ready to help you.